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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Food Shop

There are numerous shops outside the shrines that have ready made food available so people can buy and distribute it to the poor visiting and spending their days at the shrines. Sort of like the American soup kitchens, 24 hours a day.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that they do have kitchens like this for the people who spend a lot of time at the shrines and religious places.

Petrea said...

Hi Rebel, nice to see you again. This is quite a shot. These men look tired, or bored, or maybe angry. What do you think they were feeling when they posed for you?

They're also well-arranged in a tier (tallest in the middle). That and their expressions make an interesting photo.

Kris said...

What sort of food do they have? Daal or something like that maybe?

Vishva Bhraman said...

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