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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gola Ganda

An assortment of colored syrups to pour over crushed ice in what is called a "Gola Ganda" and enjoyed by Kids.


Jim said...

Looks like a lot of different flavors.

Hilda said...

Then I guess I'm just a kid too! I love those, especially during the summer. We call them 'snow cones' over here. And we still have those old, all-steel ice-shavers too. Don't you just love how they look? ;)

Abid said...

Never could get the courage to try taht!!

Mubi said...

this always looks so attractive! but i once tasted it and contrary to popular liking i didnt like it much..i always go for gol gappas or cotton candies or shakar kangi and all :D yum yum!

J.C. said...

We have similar dessert here, called "Ice Kacang". 'Kacang' being the cooked red beans. But our coloured syrups are either yellow, red, green or brown (made of palm sugar).

muzzammal ghani said...

o sir correct its name please. its correct name is baraf wala gola(ice ball).Ganda mean bad.please rectify it.

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