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Monday, March 31, 2008


An old hand carved wooden door and hand painted tiles spotted in the "Walled City of Lahore" also known as old city. The old city has structures dating back hundreds of years and thus I am not able to give a time period when these magnificient pieces of art were crafted but its safe to say these might be a couple centuries old.

Ps. From the comments on this and my other blog from Pakistani bloggers it is obvious that my access to blogspot hosted sites is not blocked because of sensorship issues by the Government of Pakistan, but some glitch with my ISP, Thankfully I am able to post but not view sites or comment on blogger, hopefully the situation will be resolved soon.

The Government has however blocked access to several video hosting sites as a means of protest against the hosting of Anti Islamic film "Fitna" by Greet Wilder.


Uma por Dia said...

It is very sad when I know that any kind of censorship exists and continues to affect millions of people.
All I can do is offer my sympathy and hope that everything back to normal soon.

Dina said...

What a marvelous door! Please, give us more views of your walled old city! Thanks for the link about it; I see that I have a lot to learn about Lahore.

Shafaq said...

Change your Isp 'coz there is no problem with my service at all.

Alex said...

Happy to know that is not censorship.
Your photo of the door is beautiful.
Come back as soonas you can, we miss you !!

Destitute Rebel said...

Uma, Thanks, its been frustrating.

Dina, will be sure to bring more pictures from the old city.

Shafaq, Thanks for stopping by, It seems like its a problem with wateen and not all customers so lets hope for the best, I just cant chuck them coz I have a years contract and other then this problem the speeds are amazing.

Thanx Alex.