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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Steam Engine

Here is one for the railway enthusiasts, Photographed at the Changa Manga, the largest man made forest plantation in Pakistan, This John Fowler steam engine built in 1927 and still in operation is the pride and joy of the forest department, which uses the railway to haul wood around the forest.

Ps. Sorry Guys I have not been able to visit other sites or comment on them for the last 2 days, reason being I can't seem to access any blogger hosted blogs. It could be a glitch with my ISP which they are denying, but most likely it is an internet censorship issue by the internet regulatory authority.


Jim said...

Censorship sucks. Keep posting, your doing great. The train looks neat, and still running, cool.

Ken said...

Thats an old looking engine. Over here we figure newer is better but I guess if it still works why replace it. Keep posting things will work themselves out.

Marcel said...

I agree with Jim. Keep posting becasue we are still checking in. I enjoy your photos and I love steam engines!

araratdailyphoto said...

She looks like a beauty!
I'd love a ride on it!

magiceye said...

quaint vintage engine..

censorship sure sucks

hope normalcy returns soooon

Dina said...

Oh nice! And nice to see some Pakistanis in the photo too.
I can still remember the huge black steam locomotives in Chicago. The engineers and I would wave to each other when they choo-chooed past our apartment. Soon the quiet, clean, fast, and BORING streamliners replaced the more exciting trains.
Speaking for all of your commenter friends: we stay connected to you by heart, even if not by Internet.

Hira said...

As others have said, keep posting. Love to look at your photos. Use a proxy or something. I can access blogger over at my place though.

Mubi said...

i remember going to changa manga with my school a few years back and this train did work. lol the ride, it was so much fun.
interesting choice of photography

Alex said...

The steam engine is so beautiful and she stills work !!
Sorry for you if it's really censorship.

Per Stromsjo said...

Still in operation after 80+ years, that's some good construction work and most likely a bit of maintenance along the track as well.

Destitute Rebel said...

Jim, still running, a steam engine its amazing.

Ken, its a classic can't be replaced.

Marcel, Thanks.

Ararat Daily, take a trip to Pakistan and I'd get you the free ride.

Magiceye, Thanks.

Dina, Thankyou so much for all the support.

Hira, Proxy seems to work, thanks for your support.

Mubi, I'm glad you had fun, personally im sick of Changa Manga and thats a whole other story.

Alex, the engine sure is beautiful.

Per Stromsjo, Its probably brilliant engineering, Maintanance is lacking but they still work.